Google Tips

 Smore's Google Tips
Volume 2 Issue 1 - Deleting users, finding Time in Calendar, Pinning Tabs, Customizing Bookmarks
Volume 2 Issue 2 - Tab Scissors/Tab Glue, Incredible Start Page, Boomerang for Google
Volume 2 Issue 3 - Boomerang for Calendar, Canner Responses, What's hidden in your Reply
Volume 2 Issue 4 - Organizing your Shared with Me Files, Form+, Checker Plus for Gmail
Volume 2 Issue 5 -   Using a Google Form as a Dropbox, Doctopus, Draw that email signature
Volume 2 Issue 6 - Google Inbox Tabs, Forcing a Copy of a Google Spreadsheet, EasyBib App, EasyBib extension
Volume 2 Issue 7 - Class Portfolios in Google Drive, WeVideo in Google Drive, Darwin for a Day-Tour the Galapagos on Maps
Volume 2 Issue 8 - Inside Search, App Launcher Customizer, 20 Google Search tips you need to try! 
Volume 2 Issue 9 - Awesome new tab page extension, pinning tabs & bookmarks, PowToon

Volume 2 Issue 10- Personalize Users in Google Chrome, Google+Hangouts-Note taking  

Volume 2 Issue 11Uninstall an Extension in Chrome, Extensions Manager (AKA Switcher) Extension, Google Keep

Volume 2 Issue 12 Adding Links to Google Calendar,  Remotely Logging Out of Your Email, Digital Notecards
Volume 2 Issue 13 - Add-Ons for Google Drive, RealTime Board, Favorite apps & extensions
Volume 2 Issue 14 - Add more fonts, Add borders & crop images in Google Slides, Adjust number of printer pages for Google Sheets  

Volume 2 Issue 15 -  Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts, 2-Step Verification
Volume 2 Issue 16
-  Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts, 2-Step VerificationVolume 2 Issue 17Adding Pictures and Videos to a Google Form, Embed Google Presentations into Sharpschool

Google Presentation vs EdCanvas

You can't embed a Google Doc into a Presentation.  However, you can link to it.  You CAN embed a Google Doc and a Google presentation into an EdCanvas.

Going Google Tips
Volume 1-Printing emails, Google research pane
Volume 2-Signature, Signing out, Spreadsheets
Volume 3-Creating tasks from email, SMS from email, Creating templates in drive
Volume 4-Color Labels in Gmail, Paint in Drive, Color an Event in Calendar
Volume 5-Preview emails, Auto-advance, Sharing Folders
Volume 6-Advanced search in Google, New Compose Options, Google Story Builder
Volume 7-Search by image, Autocrat script, Google clock
Volume 8-Keyboard Shortcuts, Video in presentation, flubaroo
Volume 9-Drag and drop attachments, Undo send,Search by color
Volume10-Embed docs into sites, Reply to email quoting hi-lite text, Translate document tool
Volume11 – Direct to you email indicators, Add attachments to calendar, Creating custom google search
Volume12-Muting emails, Emphasize important words in Gchat, Boomerang

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